Me with the Worlds most interesting man

My name is Doug Keating. I live in Reston Town Center, in the Washington DC metro area. I have over 25 years of professional work experience. I served for eleven years as a US Army Officer. I spent most of my military time in tactical units (i.e., 82nd Airborne Division, 1st Infantry Division) helping keep our country safe from our enemies. For the last fifteen years, I worked as an IT consultant for two of the top management consulting firms in the world. I enjoy running, traveling, reading, drinking quality beer, and smoking good cigars. I start every morning with a strong cup of coffee and recite the Ranger creed. RLTW!

More importantly, I am the father of two fine young men – Gavin and Riley Keating. Gavin is in college, and Riley is in high school. I was married for over 20 years, but several of years ago my wife decided to end our marriage. It was a pivotal moment in my life that caused me to rethink a lot of things, to include how I parent the boys. I implemented several changes to include creating this blog. I hope that you enjoy it.