Book Case

One hobby I have enjoyed immensely during my lifetime is reading.  Nowadays it is easy to spend a large portion of your leisure time in activities that do not really teach you anything new. Video games, YouTube, and social networking are fun, but not necessarily helpful. Few things are better than reading a great book.  I used to read books of all kinds in order to figure out what interested me.  Nowadays, I mainly focus my reading in areas that give me new insight, teach me new things, or are fun to read.  Specific topics that I enjoy include military history, theology, leadership, and poetry.

“Personally, the books by which I have profited infinitely more than by any others have been those in which profit was a by-product of the pleasure; that is, I read them because I enjoyed them, because I liked reading them, and the profit came in as part of the enjoyment.” 

– Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States

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