Brussels Market Square

This past week I was in Brussels Belgium. I have been there before and visited last year. It is a beautiful place – full of great sights to see, and wonderful food. My trip last year almost did not happen because there was real concern about the safety of the city. They were in lock-down for many days. Of course, all that was triggered by the terrorist attack in Paris France. The threat was real. As we all know, Brussels experienced it own terrorist attack at the airport last year- a tragic event killing many innocent people. During my visit I noticed that the airport had changed a lot since my last visit. The layout is different, and there are a lot more security measures in place to keep travelers safe.

My walk through the airport and these events remind me that the world is full of danger, and we need to be careful. I am not saying this to be paranoid, and walk in fear in this world. Rather, I don’t want you to be naïve about the world. The reality is that there are insidious people who have dastardly plans to cause harm to others. They exist, they are evil, and they do not really care about anything else than causing terror to advance their cause.

It is sad but true. Don’t try to understand these people – you never will. But, be aware of them, and be careful. For example, I did not run in Brussels while I was there. I would have loved to run through the old city center, but it would not have been a prudent thing to do. Simply not worth the risk. I was still able to have a great time on the trip, and hope to return again. Perhaps you will join me on my next visit.

Evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerer of death’s construction. In the fields the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning. Death and hatred to mankind, poisoning their brainwashed minds
– War Pigs by Black Sabbath

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