Happy 20th Birthday Gavin - you are a great son.

Today is your birthday Gavin. Happy birthday. I hope it is an awesome one. I know it will be because today is also Thanksgiving. I remember when you were born and giving thanks to God for delivering such a wonderful baby boy. I have watched you grow over the past two decades – you are becoming a fine young man. Before we know it you will be 21 years old, a fully grown American male. Since today is your special day – I will dedicate this blog post to you. When I think of you as a person three thoughts come to mind. Three things that make me appreciate you as a son, and a young man.

You are talented

You are a highly talented guitar player and are great at writing. I have witnessed you playing guitar multiple times. It definitely comes naturally to you. I am amazed at how much your guitar playing has improved over the past few years. Your progress is impressive. It is fueled by your passion for music which I admire. I have also read some of your writing and it is good. Writing is a struggle for many (to include me), but you can crank out an essay with ease. I encourage you to keep practicing both so that you become the best guitar player and writer that you can be. Don’t waste the talent that God has given you. Make the most of it – the world needs great music and writing.

Gavin playing guitar at Rudy's Guitar Store in Soho
Gavin playing guitar at Rudy’s Guitar Store in Soho

You are fun

Over the past few years, we have spent some quality time together. We went to several concerts, visited New York City, traveled to Europe, and vacationed in Mexico. You are fun. You like to laugh and enjoy a good joke. You like seeing bands play music live, listening to new music and relaxing with friends. I enjoy spending time with you and look forward to more adventures together in the future. Who knows – maybe we will go to Europe again. Gavin and I met the band Switchfoot this summer at Wolftrap.Gavin and I met the band Switchfoot this summer at Wolftrap.

You are stubborn

Once you make your mind up, it is hard to get you to change it. I think you inherited this trait from me. I can be the same way. It probably stems from our German roots. At times it can be maddening – like when I try to convince you to try something new. But, here is the good news. Being stubborn can be an advantage in the modern world. When others are willing to go with the crowd in order to be popular, you will have the strength to go your own way and stand up for what you believe. Not everyone has the courage to do that. I think this trait will serve you well. We live in a world full of wishy-washy people. Don’t be like them. Be the best version of you that you can be instead. Happy birthday Gavin!

Gavin in Washington Square Park with the Empire State Building in the background.
Gavin in Washington Square Park with the Empire State Building in the background.

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