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Don’t let others tell you what you believe.  Make a stand, and figure out what is important to you.  Then, put it down on paper, so that you can remind yourself what you believe, and what makes you tick.  It took me a long time to figure out a lot of things, but I finally created my own personal creed.  Here is a copy of it:

Knowing God is my life’s foundation.  I will trust in Jesus, and thank Him everyday for His grace, mercy, and love.  I will pursue an intimate relationship with God, and pass along His message of hope and plan of salvation to others.

Excellence is my standard. I will strive to be the best in the areas that God has gifted me.  My talents are gifts from Him.  What I do with that potential is my gift back to Him. I will be held accountable for what I do.

Attitude is my own choice.  I will not let others determine, or influence my outlook on life. I am called to bring light into darkness.  I will gladly answer that call, and help bring hope, and a positive attitude into every situation.

Training is a daily activity.  I will develop my abilities into skills, and put my faith into action. I will not rely solely on my own abilities.  Instead, I will continuously develop myself through intense training, and disciplines.

Intellect will separate me from the rest of the crowd. Scholarship will be a lifelong pursuit. I will pursue the truth, wherever it may lead.  Ignorance will not be an excuse for making poor decisions, or repeated mistakes.

Never quitting will demonstrate my determination to others.  When life is tough I will cling to the promises of God, and press on towards my next goal.  The success journey is not easy.  I expect struggles along the way and welcome the challenge. Others will not determine my destiny.

Generosity will be my hallmark.  God has blessed me greatly. I lack nothing.  I will help those who cannot help themselves and always extend a hand to those in need, and encourage others to do likewise.

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