Learn from other cultures

Two years ago we visited Germany. You were afforded the opportunity to experience a lot of different things from German culture. You saw new places, you ate new foods, you learned about German history, and you saw German culture first-hand. It is important to leave the US and see the world. Many Americans stay within our borders, and do not even have a passport. Don’t make this mistake. Be a world traveler.

Make the most of these trips. Learn from other cultures – both the good and the bad. The Germans do some things better than we do in America, and they also have their challenges. For example, Germans are much better at relaxing and enjoying their time off than we are. The American pace of life is intense, and fast paced. German people do not seem to be in such a rush (except when driving on the Autobahn).

I am glad you were able to see a different part of the world. I hope to take you on more trips like this one in the future, so that you can see, and more importantly, experience other cultures besides your own. It will give you new perspectives on life. This year I am planning some exciting trips for us. Gavin – we will see Belgium. Riley – we will visit a Caribbean island. We will also experience a different part of Europe this summer during our family vacation to France. I am looking forward to these trips. They are going to be awesome.

“Travel is rich with learning opportunities, and the ultimate souvenir is a broader perspective.” Rick Steves

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