Nothing in this world is free – not even you

Last year you will recall that we stayed at an “all inclusive” resort in Cancun Mexico for Spring Break. While there you did not have to pay for any food, coffee, snacks, or drinks. It felt like everything was free…but it was not. The reality is that I paid the resort a fixed price for all of us before we left for the trip. Also, my parents paid for the room so that we could afford the trip. This type of vacation is designed for convenience, and I hope that you truly enjoyed it. I know that I did.

The lesson to learn is that nothing in the world is really free. There is a cost for everything, even if you are not the one paying. It is easy to walk in this world without fully knowing this truth, particularly when it comes to your own life. Today is Easter Sunday. A special day for all of us who choose to follow Christ. Today we celebrate Christ rising from the dead in order to give us new life. I want to make sure you understand what Christ has done for you. He has paid the ultimate price with his own blood for you so that you can have new life. No one else could do what was needed. Don’t forget to thank Him for what he did so that you can live free.

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10

Jesus is my answer – forever

If I could pass along only one bit of advice to you it is this- Jesus is my answer.  My faith in Him has made the biggest difference in my life.  I have experienced many victories and good times during my lifetime, but none of them compares to the joy that Jesus brought into my life, after I decided to follow Him.  I did not make this decision until later in life (in my twenties), and it is by far the best decision that I have made.  My prayer is that you too will decide to follow Jesus, and make Him Lord of your life.  I do not want to come across as some religious fanatic, but I want you to know my heart, and what Jesus means to me.  I will talk a lot more about my own journey towards salvation later in this document because it has been quite a journey, and it is the foundation of my life.

3 John 1:4  I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.