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This letter is an attempt to pass along my thoughts, prayers, wisdom, experience, and advice to you.  It is tough to be a successful man in today’s world, so my hope is that this document will help inspire you to develop into the man that God designed you to become.  When I was a young man there were a lot of things about God, people, and the world in which we live that I did not understand, at all.  Lord knows, I have made a million mistakes along the way, and there is a lot that I still need to learn. I have sought wisdom from many different sources, and spent many years trying to “figure out what life was all about”.  This letter summarizes what I have discovered, so far. Hopefully you find it useful.

Note- the text that is contained within this document is not in any particular order, and placed in any particular format.  Some writing will be very clear and concise, while other items may be somewhat obtuse.  I apologize if you do not understand everything that I am trying to convey to you, although some items are intended to make you think about things and come to your own conclusion.  Without further delay, here we go…..

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