New Start Sign

There will come times in your life when what you are doing is not working, and you need a different approach. Sometimes a minor tweak or slight change will give you better results. But, it may also mean that you may have to start over. You need a redo. A completely different solution is needed for success. Making this choice can be more difficult than you think, especially if you have put a lot of effort into something, but are not getting the results that you seek.

I have faced this type decision more than once in my life, and it has been difficult each time to admit that my solution failed and a new one is necessary. I am getting better at admitting failure and moving on, but it can still be a big struggle for me. Don’t fall into this trap like I have many times. Rather, try a different approach. Start over on a new path. The good news is that God is with us, and willing to let us start over when we need to. The following poem may help explain this perspective. I heard it on a podcast by Ravi Zacharias.

He came to my desk with a quivering lip,
the lesson was done.
“Have you a new sheet for me, dear teacher?
I’ve spoiled this one.”
I took his sheet, all soiled and blotted
and gave him a new one all unspotted.
And into his tired heart I cried,
“Do better now, my child.”

I came to God’s throne with a trembling heart;
the day was done.
“Have you a new day for me, dear Master?
I’ve spoiled this one.”
He took my day, all soiled and blotted
and gave me a new one all unspotted.
And into my tired heart he cried,
“Do better now, my child.”






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