Why write a blog

Why write a letter to my sons? The teen age years are an important time in a young man’s life. Decisions made during this phase can make the difference between success in this world, or fail at life. Lessons are learned, habits are formed, and the path forward for your life is established based on the decisions you make. What I am attempting to do is help my sons find their way in this world by avoiding the pitfalls I experienced, and navigating around obstacles.

This blog is the next step in the learning journey. I am making “the letter” available to others in case it helps them also. I am not claiming to be a wise man, or a great dad, or a Godly man. The Lord knows that I was not a very good husband. Rather I am just a man trying to learn about life and how to live it. Hopefully, you find some of the content helpful. If so, let me know, and feel free to share the link. If not, then start your own blog and share your own perspective. The world needs wisdom. Thanks.